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The process of creating images on paper using movable type was invented by Gutenberg in 1455 when he produced the Gutenberg Bible.

This invention allowed for the spread of mass communication and literacy amongst the general population. Information was no longer the sole privelage of the clergy and the aristocracy.

Since then, the printing industry has become an integral part of modern daily life and we are surrounded by printed matter.

At Keyprint we are experts in the design and manufacture of printed products.


Every business needs to record its transactions.

From basic books of carbonised forms to highly sophisticated continuous forms with features that contribute towards efficiency and profitability are in our repertoire. We have wide experience and knowledge of international trends in design and construction of these vital business tools.


Printing technology has rapidly advanced in recent times in order to provide the quality of finished product required by the marketplace. This has allowed for more accuracy in the reproduction of original artworks.

Artists' catalogues are collectors items and require very special printing expertise and an understanding of the value of the artworks in order to do justice to the contents.
Our previous projects include catalogues for: Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, Penny Siopis, Jeremy Wafer, Wayne Barker, Santu Mofokeng, The Meneghelli Collection, David Koloane, Deborah Bell, Norman Catherine, Willem Boshoff, Kagiso Pat Mautloa, Brenda Schmahmann, Paul Emmanuel, William Kentridge and others


There is an increasing demand in the print market for short run, high quality full colour, fast turnaround at an acceptable price. This is made possible by the modern Digital Print process.

At Keyprint we have the knowledge and the equipment to supply these needs.